Basic Tabard - Black /Offwhite XXL



Basic Tabard - klasyczny tabard rycerski.

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Waga [g]490
MarkaEpic Armoury
Długość [cm]XXL 135

Basic Tabard - klasyczny tabard rycerski.

Tabard rycerski (kaftan bez rękawów) z rozcięciami z przodu i z tyłu. Uszyty z bawełny średniej grubości, porządnie wykonany, obszywany ozdobnym pasem innego koloru. Wiązany z boku sznurkami. Przeznaczony do noszenia na pancerzu i do spięcia pasem.

rozmiar: XXL

kolor: biało - czarny

styl: unisex

tkanina: bawełna

Uwaga: Prać w pralce w temperaturze 40° C. Pierwsze pranie wykonać oddzielnie od innych rzeczy.

Your Knight’s Code is one of valor, truth, and courage. You are tasked with defending the innocent and the weak, and today your oath is being tested. Outside of town there has been a bandit attack on a merchant and his family, and it’s up to you to rescue them.

Your squire secures your Basic Tabard over your armour, and with a prayer to your god you and your small unit strike out onto the road. The colours upon your tabard are a reminder that you represent a House of Justice.

Criminals be warned.


Epic Armoury’s Basic Tabard a sleeveless, open-sided garment worn over any outfit or set of armour. This particular tabard is made of medium cotton and is parti-coloured black and off-white, inspired by Gothic style of the Middle Ages. Secure the tabard closed at the sides with cotton strings, and add one of Epic Armoury’s wide selection of leather belts to finish the look. Whether you are a one-man army wanting to stand out, or you are in a unit of soldiers and want to blend in, you will appear full of style, class, and distinction by wearing the Basic Tabard.

Available in Blue/Off-White, Black, Black/Off-White, Dark Red, Dark Red/Dark Beige, Green/Dark Beige, and Off-White; and in sizes 6-8 Years, 8-10 Years, Small/Medium, Large/X-Large, and XX-Large.


  • Parti-coloured garments--where each vertical half of a garment was a different colour--was popular during the Late Middle Ages when fashion was intended to elongate the form
  • Open-sided tabards became more popular with the military in the late 1500s
  • Usually displayed a knight’s Coat of Arms on the front and back
  • Used as a way to identify allies or enemies while on the battlefield