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Skull - ludzka czaszka



Skull - ludzka czaszka z plastiku.

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Waga [g]150 g
MarkaEpic Armoury
Długość [cm]17
Szerokość [cm]16
Wysokosc [cm]21

Skull 21cm

Ludzka czaszka wykonana z plastiku. Wyrzeźbiona tak by przypominała naturalną czaszkę z ruchoma żuchwą. Wygląda bardzo naturalnie. Nadaje się idealnie jako element wystroju albo rekwizyt do tworzenia atmosfery. 

Produkt nie nadaje się do wykorzystywania jako broń larpowa.


czaszka - kremowobiała z ciemnoszarym cieniowaniem

Hours inside the dungeon and you only manage to find one measly copper, despite all the monsters you’ve put to rest. Today is just not your day. Just to add to your frustration, you miss an easily avoided trap and find yourself tumbling down a dark and damp hole. At the bottom, your ego bruised, you discover that your fall was broken by a skull.

Really, in the grand scheme of adventures--this might be the worst.


Epic Armoury’s Skull is a grisly plastic, but realistically sculpted humanoid skeleton. This product is a great effect to add to your game as a prop or as general atmosphere. Handpainted and sculpted with intricate detail, this props looks realistic right down to the individually shaded teeth.

Made from hard plastic, this is not meant to be used as a LARP weapon.


  • The word skull is probably derived from Old Norse skalli, which meant bald