Aruthian Belt - Black



Aruthian Belt - Black - pas skórzany.

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Waga [g]200
MarkaEpic Armoury
StylImperialny / Celtycki
Długość [cm]160
Szerokość [cm]4

Aruthian Belt - Black - pas skórzany.

Długi pas ze skóry, zapinany na mosiężną klamrę. Obszyty, zdobiony wytłoczeniami.

długość: 160 cm

szerokość: 4 cm

kolor: czarny

A King deserves the attention of his subjects--his position and power demand such respect--but you also know he must look the part. You have hired the finest craftsmen in your land to create an outfit fitting a King’s status.

Embroidery embellishes your hems in gold and fine thread. A purple cloak drapes down from your sturdy, confident shoulders. And at your waist--the embellished and decadent Aruthian Belt holds a sword befitting your status. No one shall look upon you with anything but admiration.

You, after all, are the King.


Epic Armoury’s Aruthian Belt is a long leather belt made from full-grain buffalo leather. Strong and durable, this belt is also stylish with its crescent moon tooling and stitched accents. With a 70 cm belt-tongue and 30 holes, adjust this belt to a large range of sizes to fit your unique body. Secure the belt using its rounded, brass belt buckle.

The Aruthian Belt is handsome and clean, making it a perfect fit for almost any character in any setting you care to play.

Available in colours Black, Blue, Brown, Green, and Red; and in One Size.


  • Belts have been documented for male clothing since the Bronze Age between 3200–600 B.C.
  • More commonly a male fashion item, with the exception of the Middle Ages