Twin Belt - Black



Twin Belt - Black - podwójny pas skórzany.

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Waga [g]300
MarkaEpic Armoury
Długość [cm]120
Szerokość [cm]7

Twin Belt - Black - podwójny pas skórzany.

Podwójny pas z grubej skóry, zapinany na mosiężne sprzączki. Pas składa się z dwóch cieńszych pasków połączonych w czterech miejscach. Na łączeniach znajdują się mosiężne kółka na których można zawiesić lekki ekwipunek.

długość: 115 cm

szerokość: 7 cm

kolor: czarny

The street is a hard place to conduct business, but it’s a way of life you’ve become very good at keeping. Two coppers jingle in the pouch hanging from your Twin Belt, but by the end of the day you’re determined to increase the lot to a gold or two. A good card game and a poor ol’ sap is all it takes.

On your way to your regular spot you pass a lovely lady in a fine dress. You may be a ruffian, but with your candid smile you give the lady a tip of your fanciful top hat. She looks flattered, which is a good distraction...because now you’ve got a silver to add to the copper in your pouch.


This bestselling Epic Armoury Twin Belt is a stylish and durable leather belt fashioned from two slimmer belts merged into one. Made from two buffalo-leather straps and stitched together by leather braces in an ornate pattern, this belt has a truly medieval look.

The two braces are fitted with brass D-rings for attaching or suspending bags and other equipment. Usable by a large variety of shapes and sizes due to its long 40 cm belt-tongues and nine punched holes, this belt is a perfect solution for anyone’s kit. With its simple style and rings, the belt is both functional and stylish, and can be used by lords or peasants--no matter race or culture.

Available in Brown, Black, Red, Blue, and Green. One size fits all.


  • Historically made from cut lengths of leather sewn together
  • Belts have been documented for male clothing since the Bronze Age between 3200–600 B.C.
  • More commonly a male fashion item, with the exception of the Middle Ages