Landsknecht Pants - Black/Dark Red XL



Landsknecht Pants  - spodnie z grubego płótna.

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Waga [g]600
MarkaEpic Armoury
Długość [cm]110

Landsknecht Pants  - spodnie z grubego płótna.

Wzorowane na ubiorze żołnierzy piechoty zaciężnej zachodniej, z przełomu XV i XVI wieku - nazywanej Landsknechtami.

Bufiaste spodnie uszyte są z płótna, solidne i porządnie wykonane. Charakterystyczne szerokie nogawki wykonano z dwukolorowych pasów, obcisła część na łydkach wiązana jest sznurkami. Spodnie zapinane są stylizowanymi metalowymi guzikami.

rozmiar: XL

kolor: czarny / bordowy

tkanina: bawełna

Uwaga: Prać w pralce w temperaturze 40° C. Pierwsze pranie wykonać oddzielnie od innych rzeczy.

The sword sits in the baldric hanging down from your shoulder, faithful to its master despite the challenges. It has been a long and dusty road--and your uniform down to your Landsknecht Pants is covered in dirt and grime--but that sword has remained at your side through it all.

As your infantry unit comes to a halt, there is the tension one always feels before the fight. You resist the anxiety, because the moment you step into battle all of that must fade away. It will be you fighting alongside your fellow soldiers, and it will be the sword hanging in your trusted baldric that keeps you alive.


Epic Armoury’s Landsknecht Pants are styled leggings with baggy thighs and vertically cut colours, most often associated with the wealthy men and German Landsknecht mercenaries of the Renaissance period. Made from durable light canvas and soft cotton lining, these pants are extra wide above the knees before mimicking leggings, easily fit inside your boots and leg armour. Adjust the fabric around the calves by tightening its reinforced cotton cord to get the best fit.

The pants are fitted with a heavy cotton cord drawstring and metal buttons at the waist to keep the pants in place while leaving sufficient room for a proper belt. The pants also have pockets.

The Landsknecht Pants are fully compatible with Epic Armoury's other clothes and armours, and the style will fit with a broad variety of characters.

Available in Black/Off-white, Black/Dark-Red, Green/Off-white, and Red/Yellow; and in sizes Small, Medium, Large, X-Large and XX-Large.


  • Worn by the Landsknecht, a colourful and well known mercenary group from Germany during 15th- and 16th-century Europe
  • A great way to show off wealth with the excess use of fabric
  • Design is similar to the Pluderhose, a 15th century design that fastened at the knee.

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