Battle Skirt - Off White (unisex)


Battle Skirt  - spódnica z płótna bawełnianego.

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  • dostawa 14-21 dni

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Waga [g]S 320; M 400; L 440; XL 480
MarkaEpic Armoury
Długość [cm]S 92; M 94; L 96; XL 98
Obwód w pasie [cm]max. S 98; M 108; L 120; XL 134

Battle Skirt  - spódnica z płótna bawełnianego.

Spódnica przeznaczona do walki, wykonana z solidnego i grubego płótna. Długa do kostek z rozcięciami dzięki którym nie są krępowane ruchy. Rozcięcia wzmacniane łatkami ze skóry by zabezpieczyć spódnicę przed rozdarciem. Sznurowana na biodrach.

Do noszenia zarówno przez mężczyzn jak i kobiety.

kolor: biały

styl: unisex

tkanina: bawełna

Uwaga: Prać w pralce w temperaturze 40° C. Pierwsze pranie wykonać oddzielnie od innych rzeczy.

The Romans control the British Isles--and your home. What was once your tribe has been taken from you in the name of the Emperor, but you will not be silenced.

You look the part of a leader in your Battle Skirt as you meet with your warriors in secret. You are plotting a revolt against your oppressors, the spark that will ignite the fire and the war that is sure to follow. You will not stand down. You are prepared to do everything it takes to win back what is rightfully yours.


Epic Armoury’s Battle Skirt is an ankle-length, loose garment suitable for both men and women. Designed to be worn on the hips, this heavy cotton skirt is fitted with cotton drawstrings at the waist to keep it secure with or without a belt. Slits at the front, back and sides allow for easy movement during combat, and are reinforced with patches of split-leather to prevent tearing.

The Battle Skirt is great for defining a unique character uniform. Whether you are a one-man army wanting to stand out, or you are in a unit of soldiers and want to blend in, you will appear both stylish and dangerous by wearing this Battle Skirt.

Available in colours Dark Blue, Dark Red, Epic Black and Off White; and in sizes Small, Medium, Large and X-Large.


  • Outside Western cultures, skirts have traditionally been a part of men’s clothing since ancient times
  • Skirted garments were worn by men in Europe until the Victorian period
  • The Greek War Goddess Athena was depicted wearing a skirt into battle

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