Falcon Gloves - Brown


Falcon Gloves - Brown - długie rękawice skórzane.


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  • dostawa 21-30 dni

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Waga [g]S 180; M 220; L 240; XL 250
TypPancerz larpowy skórzany
MarkaEpic Armoury
Długość [cm]S 34,7; M 36,5; L 38; XL 39,5

Falcon Gloves - Brown - długie rękawice skórzane.

Rękawice wykonane z miękkiej skóry licowanej, a także z zamszu (część palców), solidnie szyte (przeszycia na każdym palcu, obszyte na krawędziach), trwałe i bardzo estetyczne. Długi mankiet  zakończony jest otworami (mosiężne nity) ze sznurkiem skórzanym celem dopasowania jego szerokości.

kolor: brązowy (odcień może nieznacznie różnić się od prezentowanego na zdjęciach).


  • rozmiar: S (8-9)
  • rozmiar: M (9-10)
  • rozmiar: L (10-11) 
  • rozmiar: XL (11+)

Reaching out your arm, the falcon glides and lands upon your Falcon Glove. You offer it a gift and it gulps down the shrew before preening its feathers and looking noble upon your forearm.

You take great pride in this bird of prey and its ability to hunt for your pleasure. It is a sign of your status amongst the nobility, and you treasure the entertainment.


Epic Armoury’s Brown Falcon Gloves are leather gloves with long cuffs to protect the forearm. They are made from brown dyed leather with two suede fingers. All joints around the fingers, wrists and edges are stitched, improving the strength of the material by preventing it from deforming with heavy use or from exposure to the environment. The fit of the gloves can be adjusted with leather lacing along the side of the cuff.

These gloves are fully compatible with other Epic Armoury metal and leather items. Their low-fantasy look and moderate style can be used with a multitude of settings, allowing freedom to create your own unique costume.

Available in sizes Small, Medium, Large, and X-Large.


  • Leather has been used for gloves for thousands of years
  • Leather is used for a better grip on tools and to protect the hands
  • Falconry may have begun as early as 2000 B.C., and was a status symbol amongst nobles in medieval Europe