Leather Gloves - Black - S



Leather Gloves - Black - długie rękawice skórzane.


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Waga [g]270
TypPancerz larpowy skórzany
MarkaEpic Armoury
Grubość [mm]1
Długość [cm]37

Leather Gloves - Black - długie rękawice skórzane.

Rękawice wykonane ze skóry (zamszu), solidnie szyte (przeszycia na każdym palcu, obszyte na krawędziach), trwałe i bardzo estetyczne. Długi mankiet (około 15cm) zakończony jest otworami (mosiężne nity) ze sznurkiem celem dopasowania szerokości.

kolor: czarny

rozmiar: S (8-9)

The smell of disease is rancid in the streets, but you are the Plague Doctor. All you smell are the fresh lemon balm and rose hips in your mask, protecting you from the lethal miasma of the dying.

You wear a mask, robe, and Leather Gloves as your protection from the dangers of the world's illness, shielding you just as a knight's armour protects him from a fatal strike. To everyone else, you are a symbol of knowledge and healing...but also the harbinger of death. Looking into the blackness of your mask's eyes feels like exposing one's soul, and so even your patients harbor fear at your presence.


These bestselling Epic Armoury Leather Gloves are thick, handsome leather gloves with 15 cm long cuffs. They are made from plated, chrome-tanned leather and stitched at all joints around the fingers, wrists and edges. This stitching improves the strength of the material by preventing it from deforming with heavy use or from exposure to the environment. The fit of the gloves can be adjusted with a drawstring set through four brass eyelets on the outside of the cuff.

The gloves are fully compatible with other Epic Armoury metal and leather items and are particularly useful paired with leather and steel gauntlets. Their low-fantasy look and moderate style can be used with a multitude of settings, allowing freedom to create your own unique costume.

Available in Black and Brown, sizes Medium and Large.


  • Leather has been used for gloves for thousands of years
  • Used for a better grip on tools and to protect the hands