Gambeson Warrior - Epic Black (extra large)



Gambeson Warrior  - przeszywanica.

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Waga [g]1800
MarkaEpic Armoury
Długość [cm]89
Długość rękawa [cm]64
Obwód w klatce [cm]130

Gambeson Warrior  - przeszywanica.

Aketon uszyty z grubego płótna na zewnątrz, w środku wypełniony cieńszymi warstwami bawełny. Bardzo solidnie wykonany, trwały i porządny. Sięga za biodra, zapinany z przodu przy pomocy skórzanych pasków i mosiężnych klamer. Długie rękawy przymocowane są do ramion sznurkami celem ich dopasowania lub odpięcia.

Aketon może być noszony samodzielnie lub jako podkład pod pancerz stalowy. 

kolor: czarny

rozmiar: XXL (w praktyce pasuje na osoby noszące XL)

tkanina: bawełna

Uwaga: Prać w pralce w temperaturze 40° C. Pierwsze pranie wykonać oddzielnie od innych rzeczy.

Your Knight’s Code is one of valor, truth, and courage. You are tasked with defending the innocent and the weak, and today your oath is being tested. Outside of town there has been a bandit attack on a merchant and his family, and it’s up to you to rescue them.

Your squire straps your shield tight onto your arm over the weight of your chainmail and Warrior Gambeson, and with a prayer to your God you and your small unit strike out onto the road. The sword upon your shield is a reminder that you are a weapon of justice.

Criminals be warned.


The bestselling Epic Armoury Gambeson Warrior is a padded long-sleeve coat covering the torso from neck, down over the hips on front and back. It can be worn on its own or serve as essential padding under mail or armour. The gambeson is donned like a jacket and closed on the front with five leather straps with brass buckles. The arms are easily detachable by untying its cotton cords on the shoulders and sleeves, each cord secured through long-lasting brass eyelets.

Thick enough to serve as its own armour, this sturdy gambeson is constructed with heavy layers of fluffed cotton canvas sandwiched between colored cotton canvas, all stitched together in vertical lines. The stitching keeps the padding in place and mimics a classic European high-medieval style.

Though of European cut, gambeson or quilted-style armours have seen world-wide use since antediluvian times, making the Gambeson Warrior a great basic armour with a range of possibilities regardless of time and place.

Available in Small, Medium, Large, XX-Large, 3X-Large, and 4X-Large.


  • Used as padding under chainmail or plate armour
  • Historically, a high-medieval European gambeson was recorded as being capable of stopping sword blows from penetrating the skin
  • Could stop heavy arrows and mace and axe impacts with the addition of overlaying chainmail