Secret Helmet - M


Secret Helmet - M - Hełm stalowy, otwarty.

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189,00 zł

  • dostawa 21-30 dni

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Waga [g]340
TypPancerz larpowy metalowy
MarkaEpic Armoury
Obwód głowy [cm]max 59
Grubość [mm]1
Secret Helmet - M - Hełm stalowy, otwarty.

Sekretny hełm jest małych rozmiarów, lekki i płytki, idealny do schowania pod kapturem lub kapeluszem.

Dedykowany do larpów (brak ostrych krawędzi mogących uszkodzić broń bezpieczną).

wyściółka: piankowa na dole i filcowa u szczytu dzwonu.

kolor: polerowana stal

You were not born a soldier. If anything, you were born to be quite the opposite! A farmer’s child, you grew up working the land and minding your own business. You never expected that one day your lord might come for you and demand that you join his army in the name of the kingdom--and the safety of your family.

You couldn’t afford much in way of armour, but you did manage to put together enough money for a Secret Helmet. Helmets are the most important armour you can own, and you can only hope that it might save your life so you might one day return to your fields.


Epic Armoury’s Secret Helmet is a sturdy and simple helmet inspired by commoner’s armour of 12th century Europe. The Secret Helmet is perfect when a visually stunning helmet would be too flashy on the battlefield, gaining unwanted attention. This helmet offers great protection to your head without being imposing, easily concealed beneath a cloak, cape, or even a large hat.

Secure the Secret Helmet by tightening the leather strap beneath the chin, keeping the helmet in place. Made of 1 mm thick mild steel and top-grain leather straps and fittings, this armour piece is built to withstand the abuse of a LARP or reenactment with regular leather and metal armour care.

Available in sizes Medium and Large.


  • Also referred to as a cervelliere
  • Worn during the medieval period, introduced during the 12th century
  • Cheap and easy production made this a typical commoner and non-professional soldier helmet