Dark Elf Corset - Black - Brown - M


Dark Elf Corset - Black - Brown - gorset skórzany.

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  • dostawa 14-21 dni

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Waga [g]680
MarkaEpic Armoury
StylMroczny Elf
Wysokosc [cm]24
Obwód w talii [cm]78
Obwód w pasie [cm]szerokość na dole 88

Dark Elf Corset - Black - Brown - gorset skórzany.

Krótki gorset wykonany z wysokiej jakości grubej skóry, obszyty ozdobnie rzemieniem. Sznurowany z boków i z tyłu.

Gorset może posłużyć jako cześć pancerza skórzanego chroniącego brzuch i plecy.

wysokość: 24cm

kolor: czarny/ brązowy (odcień może nieznacznie różnić się od prezentowanego na zdjęciach)

rozmiar: M

The way the human children look at you, you would assume they have never seen an elf before. Granted, it isn’t often that you travel into cities. You prefer the tranquil sounds of the forest, away from the stench and chaos of busy human streets.

However, you have business with a certain wizard in town. So while your elven garb--Dark Elf Corset, tunic, and weapons--cause you to stand out amongst the crowd, you continue without raising a fuss. After all, they are only short-lived creatures. They don’t know any better than to stare.


Epic Armoury’s Dark Elf Corset is a top-grain leather underbust designed to protect the abdomen while making you look and feel dangerous on the battlefield. Adjustable by tightening the leather cords down the spine and along the sides, this corset design allows for a perfect fit. The stitching around the edges and the embellished stiff leather strengthen this corset’s structural stability and slim the wearer’s appearance, so with regular leather care you can expect this Dark Elf Corset to have a long lifetime. Use this Dark Elf Corset to create an intimidating statement or add some interest to your kit.

Available in Black/White, Brown and Dark Brown; and in sizes Small, Medium, Large and X-Large.


  • Typically used as an undergarment through history, made from fabric and bone
  • Metal corsets were invented during the 16th century, the closest historical evidence of women’s corsets being used as potential armour
  • Corset armour has gained popularity through fiction and fantasy literature