Lock Chest - kłódka



Lock Chest - kłódka żelazna, stylizowana.

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MarkaEpic Armoury

Lock Chest - solidna kłódka żelazna, przypominająca dawne kłódki. Zamykana prostym mechanizmem śrubowym. Kłódka działa normalnie ale da się ją otworzyć bez jej zniszczenia w miarę prostymi narzędziami.

śr. 6cm, szer. 5,5cm, wys. 12cm, waga 500g.

You hold your knife between your teeth, keeping it accessible while your hands are busy picking a noble’s unguarded luggage. Leaving anything valuable without a guard is like an invitation to steal it...at least that’s been your experience.

With a satisfying ‘click!’ the Metal Lock comes undone and you pry the chest open to reveal--oh, yes! That will do nicely. You pocket what looks to be a sizeable purse and a few interesting looking weapons, before carefully replacing the lock and sneaking out of the tent undetected.


Epic Armoury’s Lock Chest is a working, simple lock designed to secure a chest full of loot. Made from darkened mild steel, the lock consists of a solid metal arch set through a steel bar.

To use the Lock Chest, open or close it using a universal Allan-key in the lock located inside the steel crossbar. The lock is practical and simple in style and can match a variety of genres or settings. It is sized to fit anywhere a normal padlock is used.


  • Locks have been used for at least 6 thousand years, with early versions made of wood
  • The Greeks and Romans introduced iron locks during the 1st millennia B.C.