Cuff Bracelet - Brown



Cuff Bracelet - bransoleta ze skóry.

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Waga [g]50
MarkaEpic Armoury
StylImperialny / Celtycki
Długość [cm]20
Szerokość [cm]6

Cuff Bracelet - bransoleta ze skóry.

Bransoleta z naturalnej grubej skóry licowanej, zapinana metalowa klamrą. Zapięcie na nadgarstku jest regulowane w szerokim zakresie, dzięki czemu produkt ma uniwersalny rozmiar.

kolor: brązowy

The bracelet reminds you of your childhood home and the mother who worked so hard to keep you and your siblings fed. Your life is complicated and dangerous now that she is gone. You have to steal what you can on the streets just to feed your younger brothers.

When you look down and see the Cuff Bracelet, you remember the promise your mother asked from you as she slid it onto your wrist so many years ago. Survive.


Epic Armoury’s Cuff Bracelet is a simple, but solid leather bracelet. Made from a 20 cm long top-grain leather strip, it’s the perfect addition to a rogue or soldier costume. Secure the bracelet to your wrist using the iron buckle.

The Cuff Bracelet is a handsome accessory, and stylish enough to be worn with a variety of characters or even as a modern fashion statement.


  • The term bracelet comes from the Greek word brachile (meaning ‘of the arm’)
  • Evidence of bracelets in fashion dates back to Ancient Egypt