Handcuffs - kajdanki



Handcuffs - kajdanki larpowe, stalowe, stylizowane.

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Waga [g]400
MarkaEpic Armoury
Średnica [cm]7
Długość [cm]25

Handcuffs - kajdanki larpowe, stalowe, stylizowane.

Zamykane kluczykiem za pomocą mechanizmu działającego na zasadzie śruby. Kajdanki są bardzo solidnie wykonane, działają jak prawdziwe kajdany (nie da się ich otworzyć bez klucza), z ta różnicą, że klucz można w razie potrzeby zastąpić prostymi narzędziami.

The streets are dangerous, overrun with criminals and ruffians. The only thing protecting the merchants and civilians is the Watch. You are a member of the Watch, and it is your duty to guard the regular citizens of your city.

At night you patrol the streets, your sword and a pair of Handcuffs ready. You protect the people who are not rich enough to hire their own bodyguards--it is your life’s calling to help.


Epic Armoury’s Handcuffs are a set of simple looking irons for locking the wrists together. Each solid metal cuff is made from darkened mild steel, connected by a strong metal chain that can be attached to the belt using a hook. A metal crossbar is used to lock each cuff shut.

To lock the cuffs, each bar is fitted with a simple lock. When adjusted, the lock allows the crossbars to move up or down the cuff in order to release or trap hands. These Handcuffs are a perfect detail or prop to add to a guard costume.


  • The term handcuffs is derived from the Anglo-Saxon word, handcop (that which catches the hands)
  • Reference to handcuffs have appeared as early as 4th century B.C.